10 November 2013

The Philippines

My heart goes out to all those affected by Typhoon Haiyan. So here is a question to any who may read this. What is the best way to help those affected? My first thought about this is to hop on a plane bringing whatever supplies I can, but since for the moment this is not very practical.  My next thought goes to supporting the organizations that will be trying to help relieve the suffering of those affected and I will be doing this. Probably through here http://ldscharities.org/initiatives/emergency-response?lang=eng   My other thought is can I help with my skills, I have heard of coders helping through developing apps to help, I will look into it.

Final thought, can I help by praying for those affected, I absolutely can and will. What can you do ?

13 October 2013

The Coming Holidays!!

Are you looking forward to the coming Holidays? I am and I am not. Some people myself included don't really like uncertainty, and there is plenty of that coming up. I find myself in a very committed relationship and while I am not engaged it is awfully close, at least in my opinion, plus I have 4 children from my previous marriage. They are getting older and starting to make their own decisions and while this is welcomed, it means I don't have as much control over what my life is going to look like this Holiday Season, but then who knows maybe I was just deceiving myself about having some control over that in the past or maybe I just need to recognize that I am the only one I can control. Food for thought.

02 March 2012

How do you know?

I have decided I am clueless, now given that I am of the male persuasion this may not come as a big surprise, at least to the female population. So here it is, there is a girl that I am interested in but I really can not tell if she is interested in me, somehow I just wish there was a sign, you know something easy like if I shake your left hand I am interested, if I shake your right that means I will listen to you mumble for a while but please don't ask me out. Wouldn't that be easy??

Ok maybe not, but really how do you know? maybe that is part of the joy...... ummm maybe not.

09 October 2011

Dating is not for the faint of Heart.

Went on a date the other night and I thought it went well, we laughed a lot, I thought connected about a few things, the next day I get and email telling me there was no chemisty? Really was I on the same date?

This is a classic example why dating is not for the faint of heart, we put our hearts out there feel some kind of connection and then the door is closed. Now mind you I have been on a mission and had the door slammed in my face a few times, but somehow it just seems so much more personal when you are dating, maybe it isn't? Maybe I shouldn't take it personal, but just say hey, she wasn't interested and move on, I am sure there is a happy medium, between not caring and getting hurt every time, I just haven't figured out what it is yet. Any thoughts?

10 May 2011

It's Tuesday

It's tuesday, I am oncall for work, that doesn't mean much, I think I have been called twice in 6 years, kinda wondering why we carry the cell phone around. But mine is not to question. I just smile and do.

What have I learned today, sometimes things happen that you don't expect, got an email from someone who had stopped sending messages after she found out I had multiple children and multiple ex's.  I wonder if she knew who she was sending the email to LOL. But hey not passing up a possible opportunity to connect. Hope springs eternal.

So musing for a second, what is hope?  Hope the anticipation that things will get better? is it just that simple. I think it is. I hope.

09 May 2011

The Beggining

Ok so this is not really the begining, but somewhere in the middle, at least I hope it is. Why am I blogging, many reasons, well... really only two that I can think of.

First because I like technology and want to try it out, yeah I'm probably following somebody else, but hey maybe I am following some good people.

Second I want to talk about what I believe in. So if somebody reads this and likes what they read. Let me know, and if you don't like what you read, let me know in a nice way.  Always open for constructive criticism... not.  Let's be honest I don't like somebody tellling me I am wrong, but hey maybe I'll respond.

So let's talk about my name, "SingleAgainReally?" so I have joined the ranks of the twice divorced, I wonder how big that group is? Wow this is scary http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/peo_div_rat-people-divorce-rate anyways, so in this new group? What does it mean? well if you read this maybe you will get to find out, at least from my point of view.

Today what it means, it means I just had a 40 minute converstaion with my childrens mother about the upcoming week, it means that for whatever weird twist, we are now far better friends than we were when we were married and though it seems strange, it is good for the children at least that is what I tell myself. How is it that now I can converse and be so relaxed around this woman that a year ago made my blood pressure rise just by walking in the room?

Today it also means that it was somebodies birthday that I have only been out with once, but I really enjoyed the date and want to go on more, so do I get her a birthday present? Send an email, text, real letter (too late for that) so I settled on an email with a song attached that I really like, now the wondering begins, how did she accept that, am I being too pushy?  So I realized this is bringing up more questions than I thought it would, and the adventure continues.