10 November 2013

The Philippines

My heart goes out to all those affected by Typhoon Haiyan. So here is a question to any who may read this. What is the best way to help those affected? My first thought about this is to hop on a plane bringing whatever supplies I can, but since for the moment this is not very practical.  My next thought goes to supporting the organizations that will be trying to help relieve the suffering of those affected and I will be doing this. Probably through here http://ldscharities.org/initiatives/emergency-response?lang=eng   My other thought is can I help with my skills, I have heard of coders helping through developing apps to help, I will look into it.

Final thought, can I help by praying for those affected, I absolutely can and will. What can you do ?

13 October 2013

The Coming Holidays!!

Are you looking forward to the coming Holidays? I am and I am not. Some people myself included don't really like uncertainty, and there is plenty of that coming up. I find myself in a very committed relationship and while I am not engaged it is awfully close, at least in my opinion, plus I have 4 children from my previous marriage. They are getting older and starting to make their own decisions and while this is welcomed, it means I don't have as much control over what my life is going to look like this Holiday Season, but then who knows maybe I was just deceiving myself about having some control over that in the past or maybe I just need to recognize that I am the only one I can control. Food for thought.